It is now time to start planning for your  2018 taxes and the many new changes in the tax law (biggest change since 1986)!   Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the new tax law for 2018 and how it might affect you differently than what you have anticipated in prior tax return filings.  We are providing you a website www.acacalculators.com to calculate the effects of not having medical insurance and the fines and penalties (and credits available) concerning health care.  Please visit that website to answer many of your questions.  You may also click the blue links on the right hand side of this home page to contact Drake Health regarding health care coverage information that is provided for your convenience.  Fines are still in effect for 2018, as the individual mandate was not repealed until 2019.

Also, if you have coverage through your employer or through an exchange, you must provide a Form 1095-A, 1095-B or 1095-C to confirm you have minimum essential coverage to avoid penalties.  Contact your employer or plan administrator for details.

If you have any questions concerning 2018 filings and taxes and the many changes to itemized deductions and other tax law changes, please contact us to review your tax scenario.

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In addition, I am now offering federal tax representation as a US Tax Attorney!  Please visit my affiliate Klecka Tax Resolution website www.kleckalaw.com for details!

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